Gabriella Le Blanc is an American-Finnish self-taught artist. Her passions revolve around feminine shapes, fashion illustrations and the Art Deco era.


She has painted and drawn throughout her life, and has always been inspired by fashion paintings and illustrations.

She rekindled her love of creating art by painting illustrations of her own in 2017 and has since created portraits and custom works of art. In addition to creating fashion illustrated portraits, Gabriella specializes with the woman figure and silhouettes. Her artwork is painted using oil colors, but she occasionally works with watercolor, ink and acrylics, creating custom works of art for any space.

Gabriella enjoys simplicity and minimalistic expression. Figurative representation of the subject and surroundings with an abstract aesthetic. How she portrays her vision onto canvas is light and delicate with an airy feel. For her, capturing the moment and the figure is deeper than just beauty. She envisions the way she paints as a gateway into grace, love, strength and mystery.


With a keen eye for use of color and dreamy aesthetics, Gabriella creates her world onto canvas or paper, inspired of the culture of fashion, the Art Deco era and feminine shapes. Each and every piece of artwork is unique and sold as an original. No two will ever be alike and that is the beauty of art.