My name is Gabriella Le Blanc and I am an American Finnish self-taught artist.

What I especially love is fashion and illustrations so one day I decided to paint and sketch a few of my own and Voila! Here we are.


I’ve painted and drawn pretty things as long as I can remember, but started out on this new path four years ago with fashion paintings and illustrations. In addition to creating fashion illustrated portraits, I specialize with women and silhouettes. My artwork is mostly done with oil colors, but I occasionally work with watercolor, ink and acrylics.

I enjoy simplicity and minimalistic expression. Figurative representation of the subject and surroundings with an abstract aesthetic. What I see and how I portray it onto canvas is light and delicate with an airy feel. For me capturing the moment and the figure is deeper than just beauty. I like to see the way I paint as a gateway into grace, love, strength and mystery. Each and every piece of artwork is unique and sold as an original. No two will ever be alike and that is the beauty of art.